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INVENIO is a regional station of experimentation for fruits and vegetables producers in south-west of France. The association, created by and for the producers, includes currently 2000 farmers and helps them produce fruits and vegetables in an environment-friendly and profitable way. INVENIO team is working in varietal evaluation, agricultural practices, plant protection, agricultural mechanization. 

INVENIO includes four experimental sites, each of them implanted in the production areas of the fruits or vegetables studied. Some of the trials are performed on the own sites of INVENIO and others, like for carrot experimentation are set up on producers’ plots. 

INVENIO is one of the most famous experimental stations in France for its works on carrot crop. The INVENIO carrot team works closely with the national association “Carottes de France” which groups 70% of the French carrot production. The producers are regularly implicated in the association work and they are informed of the experimental results thanks to field’s visits, technical bulletin and meetings. 

For the last 5 years, INVENIO has participated in several European projects as a partner in order to develop agricultural practices which use fewer phytosanitary products.



INVENIO has numerous members working with carrot fields and therefore in OPTIMA primarily will contribute with farmers to participate in the survey and the focus and co-creation groups.


INVENIO will work for disseminating OPTIMA results at national and international level through its contacts.


INVENIO will focus on the DSS evaluation, the selected synthetic and bio-PPPs testing and the new smart sprayer testing in the use-case of carrot fields under the IRSTEA leading.