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AGENSO is an innovative SME and its team is composed of highly motivated and qualified people with extensive research experience in universities, companies and European projects. Our people hold master degrees and doctorates in agricultural engineering, information technology and environmental management and have work experiences in various research institutes and universities (i.e. Centre of Research and Technology, Hellas (CERTH), Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES)). Our team’s expertise spans in development of IoT solutions for agriculture and Precision Agriculture (PA) services and specializes in the promotion of research and services in the areas of sustainable agricultural production and advanced technologies for agriculture.

AGENSOS’s personnel have participated in over 15 EU and national research projects (FP7, Horizon 2020, ERANET ICT-AGRI, and Future Internet Accelerators) and has a close relationship with the relative agriculture industry sector, farmers organizations (i.e. agricultural cooperatives) and research institutes in terms of external services and technology transfer. AGE is currently participating in three ICT-AGRI projects as subcontractor for developing IoT solutions and software (VAROS “Variable Rate Operations for Orchards”, CTF-OptiMove “Mainstreaming Controlled Traffic Techniques and Optimization of Movements” and PAMCoBA “Precision Agriculture – Methodologies for Cost benefit analysis”).

Moreover, AGE portfolio includes the development of an agricultural robot (Dionysus) and four software applications (Farm Management Information Systems including real-time data gathering, software for reducing tractor fuel consumption, optimization of sprayers to reduce spray drift and software to generate thematic maps from drones images). It also offers Precision Agriculture services to individual farmers and farmer’s cooperatives.



AGENSO leads the design and development of the DSS


AGENSO assists AUA in the preparation of the communication between the disease detection system with the variable rate application controller on the smart sprayers


AGENSO participates in WP5 for the evaluation of the correct operation of the DSS and the new smart sprayers. 


AGENSO also works for disseminating OPTIMA results at national and international level through its contacts.